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     As you probably guessed, we are uniquely focused on propagating the lavender albino gene in ball pythons.  For some reason, there is just something about a living, eating, breathing, purple, pink, pumpkin orange and bright neon yellow, tongue flicking, highly docile animal that truly captivates us!  Upon seeing a good one, you almost have to hold it in your hands before you can believe they are for real and not a battery-powered plastic toy! 

    An extreme tribute to mother nature's affinity for breathtaking beauty, it's no wonder lavender albino ball pythons have been listed in Forbes Magazine as the "Most Expensive Pet in the World."    For us, the decision to focus on one morph was surprisingly easy, as soon as we saw one of these living animations in person.  From that day forward none of our other black, brown, gray, silver, white and yellow snakes even held a candle to that brilliant purple and bright neon from another planet.  Although we had been working with a myriad of other morphs, all we could think was, "Why breed for anything else?"

    Good News For Pets columnist writes:

   "Howell credits the dinosaur craze of the late 1990's and the popularity of the Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin) movie, for the significant increase in reptile ownership. Various species of turtles, snakes and lizards combined slithered up to 2.8 million in '01, up from 2 million in '96. However, the new reptile owners aren't all kids." 

    **UPDATE: According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) annual survey, the number of pet reptiles in the U.S. in 2007 numbered 13.4 MILLION!  That's a 479% Increase in 6 years!

    Surprisingly, pioneer breeders remember a time not more than 20 or 30 years ago when reptile keepers and enthusiasts were generally looked upon as a tiny cult of warped nuts by the rest of the population.  With an explosion of husbandry information online and blooming availability of various reptile species in national pet store chains, the percentage of animal lovers seeking reptiles as a wonderful, low-maintenance alternative to warm-blooded pets that need to be walked, watered and fed every day increases faster and faster every year.  We feel that as the world's population urbanizes, and spectacular phenotypes like the lavender albino ball python become more and more common, the skyrocketing trend of practical reptile ownership will continue, and a very promising future awaits the greatest pet reptile of them all:

                           THE NEON LAV!!!!

    We are particularly excited about breaking new ground with the project in the future, while pioneering progressive use and understanding of ultrasound technology to enhance our ability to do so.  We are a distributor of an affordable line of portable, Chinese ultrasounds made specifically for vets, that work exceptionally well on reptiles of many species.  If you are half as big a fan of lavs and technology as we are, we hope you will enjoy our crude, soon to be re-vamped, 100% home made website as a temporary medium to display our humble efforts.  Feel free to contact us anytime regarding any questions or sales information you may have!


Grant Whitmer

Ultrasound Instructional Video

"Utilizing Follicular Development to Optimize Python Reproduction"

2 DVD Set
Disc #1 - "Ultrasound Basics"
Disc #2 - "Practical Application"


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